Pendulem - ፔንዱለም

Released: 28-04-2018
Language: Amharic
Country: Ethiopia
The highly expected Amharic feature, Pendulum, a film by Thomas Getachew the producer of ‘Siryet’ film. An audience of more than 10,000, all from different walks of life, attended the premier. It exhibited a Red Carpet treatment of local film personalities and invited guests of honor. Musicians Helen Berhe & Abinet Agonafir adorned the stage, and the ambient, with their tunes for two hours. Pendulum was shot with a Cannon 7D, a Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera. According to the producer Thomas Getachew, the film is a pioneer when it comes to filming with such a camera. The film depicts the story of Girum, acted by renowned music arranger Amanuel Yilma, as a striving fashion designer who is caught in a love triangle. Cast: Amanuel Yilma, Rekik Teshome, Etsehiwot Abebe, Mesfin Haileyesus Screenplay: Michael Yibeyin

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